Make Your First Year a Great Year!

Transitioning to college is a big adjustment for many students, especially during their first year on campus.

Developing good time management skills and study habits is one part of the equation. Learning how to access campus resources, make new friends and build social connections, establishing relationships with professors, and generally navigating the college journey is another.

Your schedule

The courses in which you enroll as a freshman are based on the general education, core, and elective course requirements for your major. If you are a new student who takes 16 credits (or about five classes) during the fall semester, your schedule will look similar to this. 

Sample schedule for a first-year student

A shared experience

Because much of your academic success depends on how well you make the transition from high school to college, we’ve developed a shared learning experience for all new students, including transfer students.

Through our First-Year Experience (FYE) Program, you will take advantage of activities
that connect you with faculty outside of the classroom as well as those that connect you to the greater Indianapolis community. You’ll also meet new students with whom you’ll share your first-year experience.

Examples range from Student Government Association (SGA) programs to informal discussions with faculty over coffee and pastries. They also include end-of-semester celebrations, a first-year class trip, visits to arts and cultural attractions, and service-learning projects.

But your first-year experience will primarily focus on academics and developing a broad, deep sense of intellectual curiosity. You will explore how to:

  • Have faith in yourself, others, and our Franciscan values.
  • Cultivate a thirst for knowledge and lifelong learning.
  • Build meaningful interpersonal relationships.
  • Access campus resources and support for students.
  • Stay on track for graduation.

As a new student, you’ll also complete First-Year Seminar (FYS) 110, a gateway course that helps you develop critical thinking, information literacy, cultural awareness, collaborative learning, and other skills.

  • FYS 110 enables you to explore a variety of academic and social topics, such as comparative global culture, American politics, diversity, peace and justice, civility, and the Catholic faith.
  • Through the lens of more than 20 different themes, FYS 110 will inform and shape your first year, helping you build new relationships among your peers.
  • You will also hear from speakers who discuss student clubs and organizations, community outreach, the alumni association, and other programs in which you can get involved.

As you learn what it means to be a Marian University Knight, you’ll begin defining your life’s purpose, personal strengths, and a vision for your future.

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