Speech Team Award

The Speech Team Award is an annually renewable scholarship for students who compete on the Marian University speech team.

The program awards five scholarships worth $5,000 each year to incoming students. (The amount may vary if a student receives more than one talent-based award.) Students transferring from a two-year college where they have competed in forensics may also apply for the award.


Applicants for the Speech Team Award must:

Application Process

  1. Applicants must complete and submit the Marian University Speech Team Award Application by December 1.
  2. Eligible candidates must schedule an interview with Dr. George LaMaster.


Awards will be made by the director of forensics, Drew Stewart, in consultation with the assistant director of forensics.

Award notification will begin in mid-December.


The Speech Team Award is renewable for seven consecutive semesters by:

  • Meeting the requirements for travel and competing in the required number of regular season tournaments each semester.
  • Faithfully attending coaching sessions, team meetings, and team events.
  • Qualifying for and attending the National Forensic Association’s Individual Events Tournament.
  • Remaining in good academic and social standing.
  • Enrolling as a full-time student each semester with a minimum of 12 credit hours.

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